making happy


It has been a hard week in these parts. Our little Ila has not been well. There have been many sleepless nights (for all, this child is LOUD), trips to the hospital, scary fevers, no eating, crying… so much crying,  and much heart break on my part. She seems to be a little better today after getting worse this past weekend.

I’m sitting here trying to make myself feel happy, and thought a free download might help. I made last week’s bonbon small fancy into a downloadable PDF colouring page. I hope it brings some smiles to some little faces.

(Above photo from happier days… I’m afraid if you saw a picture of us today you might never return to this site!)



4 thoughts on “making happy

  1. Adorable! We don’t do coloring books much around here, but this will be an exception, I would like my daughter to see all the great expressions with such simple changes to the eyes.

    It’s no fun to have sick ones, glad to hear she’s getting better!


  2. Hey Lori, just wanted to delurk and say hang in there, it’s so tough when you can’t wave a magic wand and make everything better for your little ones. Hope things improve soon.


  3. poor little Isla. we’ve been dealing with scary fevers and pneumonia on top of everything else around here too. it seems never ending. hope your little feels better soon.

    thank-you for the bon bons! Ophelia loves them :0)


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