… and a Gerty makes 5.

I’ve been keeping a little secret… well not so little. A 50 pound secret! There’s a new member in our little family.


Her name is Gerty, and she is adorable. She was a stray from the PEI humane society. I had been checking their website pretty regularly… with fingers crossed for a while now. About a month ago I saw a cute little dog and sent Paul down with the girls to take a look. They all fell in love with a completely different dog, and well, the rest is history.

She is bigger than any dog I ever imagined having, but somehow fits so perfectly into our lives.

She is gentle and cuddly and so eager to learn and love. We have all fallen completely in love with her (well, maybe not the cats… but they are learning to love her).

We don’t know much about her. She was a stray and no one ever came looking for her. We’re so crazy about her after just one  month, I can’t imagine having her a year and a half and not looking for her.

She has been coming with me to work during the week and is a great work companion. So quiet and patient. I’ve wanted a dog my entire life and my heart is so full with this lovely lady.