New Work


Sorry for the radio silence here. Our house has been torn all apart for the last few months… but these last few weeks our kitchen has also been gone. I’m finding this hardest of all. I’m realizing just how important the kitchen is to me and my sanity. This whole renovation has really shown me how resistant to change I am… something I need to work on with myself! I have fought my husband every step of the way… that poor man.

This summer was a busy time for me work wise too. I just came across these little puzzles I designed for an Australian company called Glottogon. I think they turned out super cute. They were lots of fun to work on.


2 thoughts on “New Work

  1. Hey Lori – super cute puzzles! I love them! I hear you on the renovation strain ….. we’re still at it. Hi to P, S & I.


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