these days


These days have been full, very full. A lot of going back and forth…


from things like this,


and this,


to this,


and this.

In July my attempt to get more childcare backfired…and I ended up with no childcare. My children were both miserable in the new places I put them and begged to stay home with me. After weeks of fighting them, and lots of tears and stress, I gave in. I ‘ve had them home for 2 weeks with me and it has worked out amazingly. I ‘m with them during the day and my husband is with them in the evening and weekends (when I whisk myself off to my (Katherine’s) studio, aka heaven). I’m actually getting lots done and more importantly …


look how happy these two are (man, I love them)! It’s been nuts, but so totally worth it.

4 thoughts on “these days

  1. Now those are some serious smiles… glad the new arrangement is working out and hopefully Katherine will still be amenable to sharing her space with you in the Fall too…


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