New Cards


I’ve been busy working away on wholesale orders of my cards. My husband thinks I’m crazy for making these by hand (he is all about functionality and usability). Each card is hand cut and sewn by me. I love this work so much.  I know I could produce more cards if I made them in a different way, but I like how they are each unique and slightly imperfect. I find something very therapeutic in repetative tasks.


If you are in Vancouver, you can find them at The Cross and Molly’s Furniture Salad.  Love, Me in Halifax has some as well. I have the Birthday Balloon and Leaf Boy Thank you cards in my shop and hope to soon have some Christmas ones there too. First I need a bit of a break from my sewing machine!


4 thoughts on “New Cards

  1. Paul is full of beans! You hear that, Paul? Full. Of. Beans.

    Mass-produced birthday card, one week after birthday = recycling bin.

    Unique, personalized, “imperfect” birthday card created by friend, three months after birthday = sitting on display as artwork on shelf above computer & sewing machine.

    So there!


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