Make Your Own Mini Photo Album


I often find Sosi tucked away in her room alone leafing through the 1 photo album she has. Since I rarely print up pictures from my computer,  the only pictures she has are random ones my mom has sent us over the years.


I figured it might be time to make her some albums of her own. I got the idea for these little felt photo albums from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Craft . I printed my favourite photos from each year of her life and put them together in separate little books. She loves them!


This was such a simple and fun project. They would make fantastic Christmas presents. I made a little tutorial, you can download it here, if you’d like to make some too.

5 thoughts on “Make Your Own Mini Photo Album

  1. Oh my.

    I think you should enlist her help in putting together Ila’s first album, seeing as that milestone’s coming up soon (holy geez, already??).


  2. oh shael, that is so cute! i love it!:)

    danielle, i know. ila never gets anything. she doesn’t seem to mind though. we’ll get cracking on it. it would make a great bday present from her sis.


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