Sneak Peek…


Here’s a little sneak peek of this week’s comic over at the Small Fancy (it will be posted tomorrow, Nov 13).

It has been a challenge, doing these drawings. Almost the entire time I am working on them, there is a little voice  in my head trying to get me to stop. It tells me that I suck at drawing, that I am only putting that black there to hide the mistake I made and that a real artist wouldn’t need to redo it 3 times. It goes on and on.

I just keep on trucking, ignoring (and laughing at times) at this naggy voice . I find this is a theme in my life lately. I am trying not to think about things too much, instead I am just doing them. If I think too much, I can talk myself out of pretty much anything.

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek…

  1. I am really enjoying A Little Fancy! I love the contrast in your styles and the gentleness of the posts. Hooray! (plus I know that naggy voice – press on! Stamp it out!) xx


  2. first time posting but not first time reading.
    your drawings/comics on the small fancy site are lots of fun! Yours and Mias. Oh, and that annoying voice visits me pretty often as well. I keep hoping it’ll take a vacation. :))


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