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We have decided in these parts that there is nothing cuter than Ila eating nacho chips (look what a bowl hog she is!). When she dips them in the guacamole she says “dip, dip, dip”. It makes me so happy to see my children eating.

Other than feeding my children, I am currently obsessed with:

Elsie Marley… I really want to do her kids clothing challenge

Heather Ross. In my dreams I would sew everything for my kids out of this fabric.

100% rain.

Giddy Giddy.

(Can you tell I have the sewing bug?)

On another note… Stephanie over at The Cross blogged about my paintings.  I don’t know what I ever did to deserve the kindness I receive from these women… they are amazing. If you are even in Vancouver please visit their store, it is really something.

4 thoughts on “current obsessions

  1. too bad I am so far from the vancouver store, I’d love to check it out. [wonderful review btw!]
    The more I am following your friday sessions the more I love your usage of cute, texture, cartoon and cool

    wonderful stuff , Lori.


  2. thanks for the “in” about the sewing challenge… I am going to try hard to use that week to get the summer dresses that have been sitting in pieces in my sewing room finished. Love the new line of far far away too!

    Glad your little is feeling better :0)


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