Little Green


I’m not a great sewer. I’m a much better knitter, I understand knitting with everything right there in straight lines, and numbers… it’s straight forward. With sewing everything is inside out and backwards, so abstract. So when I find something I can make, I stick with it. That how I feel about the Lazy Days skirt (free pattern is here for downloading). I made a bunch last summer for Sosi and she lived in them all summer. I can’t imagine anything being easier to sew.

This weekend I found some time to bang out a whole bunch of these skirts for both Sosi and Ila (definitely inspired by the much warmer weather).  This green one is my favourite by far. The fabric was thrifted and the ribbon was in a stash that was handed down to me from a friend many years ago. They look like they belong together, and on her.


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