Poor little Sweetie didn’t last long in this world…  we were very sad, but now we have Lisa. She is much more social and active than Sweetie was. Look! We even got a picture. She is adorable. Paul finally got his Lisa (it was his  name choice for both our girls), Sosi chose the name just for him.

5 thoughts on “lisa

  1. Did Sweetie pass on, get lost/loose or did you return her to the store? Poor thing. Glad to see that cute picture of Lisa, is she a gerbil or a hamster?


    1. poor sweetie died. i think he was sick since we got him. he had a lump on his leg that got big really fast. i was going to take him to the vet on the day we found him. lisa is a hamster too.


  2. thanks justin. we were all really sad too (except ila, she thinks Lisa is Sweetie). there is something heartbreaking about a little life like that coming to an end.


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