quiet monday morning



Soup and slippers, two essentials for this time of year. This morning they matched.

Soup: beet soup, my recipe. (which is to simply find all the beets in the bootom of your fridge and put them in a pot.  Add red cabbage and red onion because they’re purple too.)

Slippers: Camper slippers, best . birthday. gift. ever. (thanks Paul)

4 thoughts on “quiet monday morning

  1. The colour of that soup is so amazing! For reasons I can’t explain, I keep thinking it’s jello. I think it’s because I just like jello!


  2. i thought you were dying fabric and then that you made slippers! they look nice and cozy…are those really the only ingredients? it sounds like soup i could actually make (sorry Justin)


  3. justin: it is amazing isn’t it? it was super yummy too.

    jackie: those are pretty much the ingredients, plus some veggie stock and olive oil. i love soup.


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