I have a confession… I’m not a big fan of Halloween (why does it have to be so scary?). I’ve never really understood it. It seems like a lot of fuss (a.k.a work) for no reason. Luckily Sosi seems to be just like her mama and has never seemed to care much for it either. She’s been happy to wear and re-wear the same couple of costumes her grandma made her each year.

This year though, maybe inspired by her sister (who would happily live her entire life dressed as a monkey), she seemed keener to dress up. After looking through thrift stores and costume stores we decided to hit the fabric store instead. She instantly fell in love with this super furry white fabric and gave me simple instructions… kitty dress.

All the dread I had over the years about homemade costumes was for nothing. Making this costume was so fun! The fabric was very forgiving (mistakes hidden in the  furriness) and we are both couldn’t be happier with the results. I especially love how it turned out to look a little like a girl version of Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

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