New big portrait


I just finished this custom portrait. It’s another large one, like the one I did back in the summer.  The house in the back is the house where the girls were born, in Ottawa. They now live here in P.E.I, which is symbolized by the big tree on the right and the 3 little ones on the right, like on the provincial flag (I wish I could say that it was my idea idea to add this… but it was the mom’s).

While I was painting this Sosi kept asking me while we don’t have a family portrait like this. She has a room full of my paintings that I did when she was a baby, but nothing like this. It might be time to start thinking about making one of our very own.

3 thoughts on “New big portrait

  1. That is simply stunning! The kids already have a Lori Joy Smith each for their rooms. Will save up to ask you to do one of our little family, I ADORE it.

    Thanks for sharing !

    PS: How big is it ?


  2. I love the colours in it and it’s just so happy. I smile when I look at it. I’m going to have to save up my dollars to purchase one for our family!


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