warm things for winter


I’ve finally finished my striped study shawl. I think it may be the longest (stitches and time wise) thing I have ever had on my needles. Painful to knit (tiny needles… soooo many stitches!), but absolutely worth it. I LOVE it! It is a tiny bit of heaven wrapped around my shoulders. The yarn is 100% alpaca (so soft). I got a great deal on the yarn from the yarn lady (I should really learn her name) at the Farmer’s Market. I have a ton left and have already started thinking of what I can make next… maybe this?

With the recent drop in temperature (brrr!) in these parts I finally got to try out the heated mattress pad I got for my birthday present from Paul and the girls. I don’t know why I have never had one of these before. It is beyond cozy! Our bedroom is not a very well heated room in an old not very well heated house. Getting into a cold bed on a cold night can be down right painful…. but now it’s like getting into a warm bath! For someone who hates to be cold, it is the perfect gift. I’m a happy (and warm) woman.

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