things I’m loving…

walking my favourite 6 year old and 7 seven old  home from school,

these beautiful days we’ve been having,

this breathtaking place where we live,

the little lady she’s becoming,

the quirkiness of her,

how much fun they have together,

everything about this man I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life for the past 16 years,

the pure joy these two bring,

this secret project that i’m loving to work on everyday… hoping to share more here soon,

my new glasses that are making working on said project much easier,

the magic that happens when you take the time to enjoy these little things each day. While we sat here watching this sunset Ila told me from the backseat of the car I had the the sunset in my hair.

Some other things I’m loving :

all three seasons of “Bored to death”.   The cuteness and chemistry of the 3 main characters makes me very very  happy.

this website: Day after day in Nod

I can’t stop listening to Feist’s new album “metals”. I’m in love.


What are you loving these days?

7 thoughts on “things I’m loving…

  1. I also love this post! Your girls aren’t really 6 and 7 though, are they?!? I feel like Ila can’t be that old! That photo of Paul is magical, and your glasses fantastic. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with all of us, Lori.


  2. hi tara,

    you’re right, ila is only 2 (almost 3!). i walk sosi and her best friend lily home from school most days. watching how sweet they are together always makes my day better.



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