tail warmers and Christmas crafting…


This past weekend I dove into the Christmas crafting head on. I’m not sure if my family members always enjoy the homemade gifts they get from me, but each year I simply can’t help myself. I just gotta make stuff! Sosi, inspired by her mama, decided to start a little project of her own using this nifty little spool knitter from some friends.

Early Monday morning she came happily bounding into my room crazy eyed and exclaimed she had been up since 4:00 knitting this tail warmer for Angelo! I rolled over to my husband exasperated, and wondered out loud why on earth she would do such a crazy thing (not the tail warmer *so awesome*, the 4:00 wake up part ) and my husband just answered, “… well, she IS your daughter.” Ah, yes… she is.

One thought on “tail warmers and Christmas crafting…

  1. Norma remembers spool knitting when she was maybe 10 or 11. After that her gramma taught her how to crochet. About the sametime her mom bought her, her very first crewel embrodery kit. It was a squirrel in an apple tree. She remembers it fondly and got her started on her world of crafting and hasn’t looked back since.

    Do you want to be her daughter. Sorry, just kidding Renate.

    By the way Norma loves your fabric collages.


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