I haven’t had too much to say these day, I’ve just been savoring these wonderful moments leading up to Christmas (and the completion of a project I’ve been working on for months, YAY!).

I love how these last days before Christmas are full of excitement of the gifts you’re going to give. There have been many late nights working away (my husband is making bunk beds for xmas!).

I’m also feeling so happy that I finally got to settle in to my studio. This place doesn’t look like much… but trust me it is full of magic!

I thought it was fitting that my first day in the studio was spent knitting doll clothes for Ila. Feels so good to be knitting again.


I’m  feeling so grateful for my little family who finally are all heathy (knock on wood) and  for all the family,  friends and neighbours that  we will be seeing and sharing time with over the next few days.

I am wishing you much happiness and coziness and love this holiday season.

* For a real treat check out these Christmas song/simple animations at Hallo Heute, she’s posted one for each day of December. It’s impossible to choose a favourite, they are all so good!*

Merry Christmas!!!

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