staying happy

This year I’m trying to hold on to my happiness… instead helplessly watching it slip through my fingers as we move into the dark, cold and sickness-filled-days of winter. First step: a HappyLight. This was our xmas gift to each other. We huddle around it at the breakfast table and let the happiness soak into us.

Step two: Take nothing for granted, stop and enjoy the little moments… like this one (this is how Ila came out of her room one morning).

… and this one (this is how I came across her one night).

Focus on the good things… like this drawing Sosi just walked up and handed to me. Her drawings make me so, so happy.

Stop being too busy to just spend time on the floor with my kids. Great things happen down there!

 12 things happy people do differently, worth checking out.

What are you doing to stay happy?


(All pictures were taken with my iPhone, using the Instragram app, which I love. If you want to follow me there… my profile name is lorijoy.)



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  1. lori, that is so awesome that you have a happy light! can we please have a group hug under the beams of happiness?…much love, jenny:)


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