in my studio…

I just finished this painting for my best friend who just had her first baby. I’m so happy for her. I always thought she would be a wonderful mom, but she was never sure. I think she agrees with me now!

I’m using these quiet days to organize all my fabric. I want to have them separated by colour, when I go looking a for a piece of something pink it takes me ages because I have to dig through bin after bin. I’ve wanted to do this for years, it makes me ridiculously happy to see them all in little piles.



3 thoughts on “in my studio…

  1. Your friend is very lucky to have you believing in her and to help her find her way. She probably will make a great mother, now that she’s taken the dive. Congratulations to her.

    And isn’t it great to get stuff into some kind of order sometimes? (Although I think a certain amount of disorder can lead to some unexpected inspiration … )


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