in my studio, part 2

I’ve had some company…

I’ve been revisiting old work…

and trying new things.

All that studio time is having an effect on little Ila, who tells me she wants to be an “art-tast” when she grows up  (and also a puppy!).


In my studio…

In my studio (oh those words make me smile!), I have been doing lots of different things this past month… but not really finishing much of anything. I have been *so* excited and happy to just be there , it’s been hard to concentrate!

I’m finally settling down a bit and I just finished this piece. It’s for the upcoming “Something to Crow About” show at the Details, Past and Present gallery.

guest blog post

I’m a guest blogger today over at the hilarious and very honest Mom Illustrated blog. If you’d like,  hop on over and check it out!

recent work and some other stuff

Some recent custom pieces… I feel so lucky that people ask me to do these for them. They are always so much fun! The top one is of a cute family from White Rock, B.C, the bottom one is of a girl and her pirate kitty. They travel the world together.

Some illustrators I’ve recently discovered and have been really enjoying:

Sachiko Umoto (so wish I could understand Japanese)

Ina Hattenhauer  and her  blog.

Happy weekend!





squeezing it all in…

I’m busy getting ready to leave for 5 days. I’m trying to squeeze as much  I can into these last couple of days.



one on one time with this sweet girl…


getting as many cuddles as I can from this little monkey …


desperately trying to finish this piece for an upcoming show. … my hands hurt from all the stitching!

Little Peeks


Here’s a little peek at the back of a fabric piece I’m working on for the upcoming “this town is small” collaborative  island poems show. I find myself photographing the backs of fabric pieces just as much as the fronts.

Want to see what’s in my purse?

poppy portrait


I just finished this portrait for Tamara’s littlest. I love the name Poppy, Ila was almost a Poppy.

This week’s theme at Small Fancy is “City Life/Town Life…the Good”.  This time of year I always start wondering why in the world we live here , it was nice to think about some of the good things.

slow going


I just finished this for a little girl just born in Vancouver.

Work ‘s been slow going in these parts. I’ve had my girl home with me for almost 2 weeks. Her school was closed due to mould. She starts tomorrow at a new school, where her 11 year old cousin also goes… she’s pretty excited about that!

recent custom pieces




I’ve been busy making fabric portraits these past couple of weeks. I love working on these more than anything lately. So fun.

Now it’s time to get busy with some last minute Christmas knitting and gift wrapping!

Work in progress…


I’m very much enjoying doing fabric pieces these days. This one just got started. I was very happy to find that lovely round frame at a thrift store last week.

works in progress


On my desk right now,


also on my desk right now… and no matter how I try to organize it, it always ends up looking like this…

This Saturday evening at The Guild there will be a Silent auction of the Out of Purgatory pieces. It will run from 7:00-9:00.

rainy day sweetheart


It’s feeling very Vancouver-y here in Charlottetown these days. Lots of rain…

I’ve been working on some fabric pieces to send off to that lovely city. This one is going to be heading to the Cross.

Also, if you are Vancouver, don’t forget to check out the Jupiter Project’s T-shirt show at Tees.

More recent work


I just finished these little portraits for the super sweet Tamara, who is even more adorable and lovely in person than she is on T.V.

So excited about the Jupiter Project’s upcoming t-shirt show. Sneak Preview can be viewed here. I want one of these for both Ila and Sosi.

Our theme over at Small Fancy is “Halloween Freaks“. Happy Halloween!

some new fabric work…


A couple of new custom fabric pieces for a little half Aussie girl in Vancouver. Did this and this for her older brother 3 years back.